Cee Cee LaRouge

Come on in! Peruse at your leisure!
I'm certain that whatever you find will give you pleasure!
Whether you're looking for t-shirts or videos,

you'll find things about me so anything really goes!

Take a seat! Take a gander!

Listen to my advice and appreciate my candor!

From relationships to makeup to sex toys

Listen to a drag queen who truly loves the boys!

If you're looking for a salacious queen who is always 100, 

If you wanna ask anything you've ever wondered.

If you're looking for inspiration or just a laugh

Then grab your coffee and skip the decaf!

Cee-Cee is here to save the day!

Guaranteed to give you something to say!

Yass Hunty! Yass Queen! Slay MAMA!

I promise to all of you there's never any drama!

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Here's Cee-Cee's favorite songs straight from her own Spotify Playlist.  Songs will be added all the time.  Follow her on her Spotify to get more access to her flavors of music here.